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You can make certain requests regarding your personal information that is processed by The Pictsweet Company by utilizing the form below. The requests available to you may vary by state. By using this form, you may elect to exercise some of your privacy rights. Instructions: Please complete the required fields below. [In the event of multiple accounts, please provide all numbers to which your request relates.] We will use and retain the information collected on this form only to process your request. If we cannot confirm your identity using this information, we will contact you for additional information. If we are unable to verify your identity, we may be prohibited from fulfilling your request. You may also submit a request to exercise these rights by calling us at 1-800-527-0986.

If you are requesting personal information on behalf of someone else, please e-mail a copy of your signed authorization letter to We may require the person to verify their identity with us directly and that you have been authorized to submit a request on their behalf. If we verify that you are authorized to know the requested personal information, we will contact you to collect additional information.

For details on how we collect and use your information please see our Privacy Policy.

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Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury

By submitting this form, you agree, under penalty of perjury or other criminal offense under applicable law, either that you are the individual about whom this request for personal information relates, or that you are authorized by that individual to make this request on their behalf.